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Concerns over racial injustice, hopes to keep Texas red drove North Texans to vote on Election Day

Tens of thousands of North Texas voters cast ballots on a mostly uneventful Election Day with relatively short lines, after a record-breaking three weeks of early voting. In an election season marked by anxiety and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, voters were driven to the polls for different reason. One said a summer of racial injustice pushed him to cast a ballot; another said he wanted to keep Texas red. One woman who feared voting in person because of COVID-19 did it anyway, saying the el

Denton ISD investigating allegations of racial slurs, inappropriate comments at football game

Some students from Guyer High School in Denton directed racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments toward students from an opposing school at a football game last Thursday, witnesses said. The alleged comments were made during a game against Mansfield’s Lake Ridge High School. “We were unable to corroborate instances of racial slurs used,” Denton school officials said in a statement, “however, the full investigation is not complete as we are reviewing further allegations of hateful speech di

Advocacy and accountability key for Dallas educator who is first Black man named Texas Teacher of the Year

Dallas elementary school teacher Eric Hale believes that you don’t need to wait for Superman if you’ve got your own cape in the closet. Hale draws on his own experiences as a Black student, saying he knows what it’s like to be “failed up” through the American education system. He wants to be a superhero for his students so they don’t have that same experience. “I’m an advocate for the children that I know are living in poverty, that I know are living in trauma — that’s my tribe,” he said. “I r

'I thought I was going to burn in a building': LA apartment fire raises concerns over ASU student safety

One ASU student was present during the fire When Hannah Foote woke up in Los Angeles to the sound of sirens on Wednesday morning, she didn’t think much of it — she knew they were coming from emergency personnel rushing to the scene of a fire at a nearby Wells Fargo bank. “When I kept hearing it throughout the day, I would get up for a second and then just go back to bed, kind of annoyed that it was still going on,” Foote said. But what Foote wasn’t prepared for, she said, was that another fire would soon start in her own building, and she wouldn’t know about it until it was nearly too late.

Justices concede likely impact of DACA ruling, still question program

Justices concede likely impact of DACA ruling, still question program WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court grappled Tuesday with the push to end the DACA program, with some justices suggesting that the Trump administration’s justification for the move was flimsy and did not take into account its full impact. But other justices seemed to agree with Solicitor General Noel Francisco that the administration had provided more than enough reasons for its decision, and that doing away with DACA was just an

Lawyers leery of ICE's move to schedule court dates for DACA recipients

Lawyers leery of ICE’s move to schedule court dates for DACA recipients WASHINGTON – Lawyers in Arizona and southern Nevada said they have started receiving notices that Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to set new court dates for their clients who are currently protected from deportation by DACA. The notices started coming just weeks before the Supreme Court’s Nov. 12 arguments on several challenges to the Trump administration’s effort to do away with the Deferred Action for Childhood

De'Von Bailey: Colorado family wants investigation into police shooting

De'Von Bailey was shot in the back and killed by police, his family says. They're rallying for 'justice' Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this story misrepresented a quote from Deb Walker, executive director of Citizens Project. The family of a black Colorado man who was fatally shot by police this month in Colorado Springs are rallying to demand an independent investigation into his death. Surveillance video obtained last week by The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs a

California ammunition sales require background check, starting July 1

A win for public safety or a government ploy? California set to require background check for ammo sales LOS ANGELES — The bustle inside LAX Ammunition on the Friday before Father’s Day betrayed the gloom of the outside sky. Employees inside the Los Angeles-area gun shop had their hands full chatting with customers who were looking to replenish their ammo supply before July 1, with some customers spending hundreds of dollars in the process. Why the hurry? That’s the day a new state law will re

Protesters rally against presence of border patrol agents at career fair

Protesters demonstrated in front of the Student Pavilion to show solidarity with undocumented students Dozens of students gathered outside of the Student Pavilion on the Tempe campus Thursday to oppose the presence of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents at a career fair. The career fair was one of several regularly scheduled events that take place throughout the year, allowing students to network with potential employers and look for job opportunities. But some students said the presence of CBP agents on campus poses a threat to migrant students.

ASU students say controversial posters still stir fear among the University's minority communities

The University condemned "hateful rhetoric," but some students say they're still afraid Earlier in February, ASU students reported seeing posters in various locations on ASU’s Tempe and downtown Phoenix campuses that some say were intended to intimidate students of color. While the University was quick to respond with a written statement denouncing the posters and has a team dedicated to handle such incidents, some ASU students of minority communities say they still fear they may be targeted.

Protesters for, against Kavanaugh stage spirited, largely civil rallies

WASHINGTON – Senators heard the conflicting stories Thursday of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women who accused him of assault, but protesters outside the hearing seemed to have already made up their minds. Hundreds of anti-Kavanaugh protesters and a smaller number of supporters rallied at the Supreme Court and around Capitol Hill for hours of spirited, but mostly civil, debate. “He’s a perpetrator, he’s a rapist, and they just don’t care,” said Ed

Vietnamese restaurant was unlikely healing spot for POWs | Cronkite News

Vietnamese restaurant was unlikely healing spot for McCain, other POWs ARLINGTON, Va. – Richard Nguyen remembers as many as 100 men in his family’s restaurant, reflecting on their Vietnam War experiences over spring rolls and noodles. Over the years, that number dwindled to 40, and then to 25, as the veterans moved out of the area or passed away. Last weekend, the group lost yet another member, when Sen. John McCain died from brain cancer. It may seem unusual for Vietnam veterans to choose a